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45 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport and a minutes away from restaurants and shopping area in Ubud

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9:23 PM, Thursday, May 26th 2016
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Cremation Ceremony 14 May 2013

Bali Ubud Village Hotel, Ubud Village Hotel  Bali

On Tuesday  14 May 2013, “Anggara Pon” Will be conducted a grand cremation ceremony for one of the Ubud Royal Family, The procession itself is very different compare to the common Balinese cremation, it is more comprehensive, such as they will use “Bade” a cremation tower with nine tier and completed with “Naga banda” a symbol of dragon which only use for the royal family class only.

The  cremation procession will be held from 11:00 am, the main road in central ubud will be closed, the cremation procession will start from Royal Palace to their graves that are located around 800 meter.

The body will be placed on “Bade” cremation tower and “Lembu” sarcophagus bull and other cremation paraphernalia stretchered by Ubud society  into the cremation location. At cremation location body will be unloaded from “Bade” cremation tower and the body placed at “Lembu “for burning prosesion . The ashes of their loved ones will be washed into the sea and it was believed by Balinese people who have been cremated will be back for reincarnation to the world. Eventhough the ceremony is a cremation for the dead, but the atmoshpere is always alive, beside being a religious ceremony the cremation also has become one of the most famous tourist attraction in Bali.

Ubud Village Hotel is currently undergoing renovation, please check back for more information.

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